Case study:
Verde Natural

Verde Natural was in 2014 a struggling medical dispensary based in Denver with a great reputation for quality and customer service.

Problem statement

The company had an inactive cultivation license and needed to integrate vertically by growing in-house in a new location to become profitable in a competitive market such as Denver, Colorado.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

We identified and secured a new warehouse and selected a design team that allowed us to retrofit it to grow living-soil cannabis at scale. In addition, we assembled a team of experienced growers, developed SOPs to become efficient without sacrificing quality, and developed a distribution strategy.

What services were used as part of the solution?

  • Business Planning

  • Facility Design

  • Equipment Selection

  • Operations Plan

  • Recruitment and Training

Results from the solution

Verde became the largest indoor living-soil cultivator in Colorado, a profitable award winning cultivator and extractor that was recognized by its quality and strong values.

Metrics for success

  • The company was able to go from 0-300lb/month in 18 months and sold out at the highest wholesale price in the market consistently
  • Turn over was low and the team was committed to grow the company to its maximum potential

Lessons learned / outcomes

Having a clear strategy depends on understanding the market. Implementing that strategy required exceptionally talented professionals and strong leadership that the team could trust. This experience allowed many of us to rise to the surface of the industry and establish ourselves as trusted experts in high-quality, natural cannabis.

Read some of their testimonials

Helen Gomez

Helen Gomez

CEO The High End


Rudy was the only consultant that we met over the course of a year of searching that had not only built his own cannabis business from the ground up, but a wildly successful one at that! Rudy developed and scaled exactly what we were looking for – an indoor organic living soil cultivation program that produced award-winning cannabis. And, he created a corporate culture and working environment that earned his company several "best place to work".

Alisia Ratliff

Alisia Ratliff

Director of Processing Firelands Scientific, Ohio


Whole Grow was contracted to guide our facility design source equipment to outfit the entire processing division, provide SOPs and initial operating parameters formulating and defining our SKUs, provide training. They have tremendous amount of knowledge and great connections! They were flexible and eager to do as much as it took to see our start up succeed. They provide solutions and expertise in every area starting up a vertically-integrated business.

Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels

Author of Teaming with Microbes

Given my belief in the soil food web, it is no wonder that my path led to Rudy. He literally grew Colorado’s largest organic dispensary into the paragon of the industry. There is only one way to ensure success as a grower in this industry: Grow organic. The best way to accomplish this or even improve on it, is to work with (Whole Grow) Not only is Rudy on the cutting edge of organic science and horticultural processes, he has the experience to meld this knowledge with running successful grow operations

John Kagia

John Kagia

Chief knowledge officer, New Frontier Data

In an industry of innovators, builders, and game-changers, Rudy stands out. His passion for growing exceptional organic cannabis is matched only by his commitment to creating highly collaborative environments in which teams can thrive. His experience building successful companies in cannabis and other industries have made him a sought-after thought leader and adviser to companies seeking transformative growth.

Cassandra Maffey

Cassandra Maffey

Founder and CEO - Fire Tower

Rudy is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, who brings valuable insight and leadership into both new and established projects, and can evolve with a company to help it become both profitable and scalable. Rudy achieves financial success without ever losing sight of the value of each of his team members, both junior and senior. He creates a culture that balances efficiency and personal growth, which results in stable and long-lasting success.

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