Organic cannabis cultivation is what we’re passionate about

We’re dedicated to building a community that supports purpose-driven cannabis and hemp entrepreneurs. Whether in cultivation operations or extraction, the key to success in this very competitive industry is through differentiation.

On a mission to promote an organic cannabis movement

Whole Grow was created by Rudy with one simple mission in mind — to promote an organic and ethical approach to producing high-quality cannabis products.

Initially introduced to the world of cannabis through a friend who was using it medicinally, Rudy quickly learned that this plant has much to offer if refined with natural processes. He went on to become the managing partner and CEO of one of the largest living-soil indoor cultivators in Colorado: Verde Natural. While leading the company, Rudy acquired invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience on how to establish, design, build, operate and grow a successful cannabis business.

Over the years, he’s passionately helped numerous startups develop comprehensive business plans, state-of-the-art facilities and unique cultivation processes that have led them to much success in a highly-competitive and commoditized market. He continues to empower new cannabis entrepreneurs to take control of their business narrative while focusing on their people.

Rudy’s proven experience as a successful operator includes business strategy, facility design and construction, cultivation, extraction, retail operations, and team building.

Our team of experts

  • Jeff Lowenfels

    Director of Cultivation - Jeff is a leader in the organic gardening movement, and one of the most insightful and entertaining keynote speakers on the organic gardening circuit. He is also author of best-selling books Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Nutrients, and Teaming with Fungi. You can find Jeff speaking at the best cannabis conferences in the US. He is the expert in organic cultivation at the Whole Grow team.

  • Deanna Callahan

    Director of Extraction - Deanna is a cannabis extraction expert who specializes in production optimization, compliance and operations. She takes on a unique perspective for manufacturing operations from her experience as Chief Production Officer of Jetty Extracts, the second largest manufacturing company in California in the last three years.

  • Ian Crabill

    Master Chef - Ian is an American Culinary Federation Certified executive chef with over two decades of experience. He brings on the team a vast knowledge and expertise to set up commercial kitchens, develop unique infused products and create operating procedures to manufacture them efficiently. He is also a culinary educator on both secondary and post-secondary levels, restauranter, food service director, and edible program developer. Ian He has been involved in the farm to table movement, has been a strong supporter of organic, ethically sourced products, and has relationships with many purveyors in the industry.

Whole Grow offers an array of business services

  • Business Planning

    The cannabis industry is sky-rocketing and so is the competition. We help you prepare by building a business plan that covers everything — from operational planning to distribution.

  • Financial Proformas

    Need help developing an accurate financial forecast? We lend our mature experience to identify costs and develop precise proformas that will help you impress investors.

  • Licensing Applications

    Licensing can be a challenge in this highly regulated industry. We help you get in both competitive and non-competitive states, and help you comply with all regulatory requirements.

  • Facility Design

    We know lean work-flows and equipment requirements for a facility to run smoothly. That’s why we work with a number of specialists to help design a high-performing and budget-friendly facility.

  • Equipment Selection

    Our technical understanding of the production process and the operational intricacies of cultivation, extraction, and retail can help you select the best equipment that is affordable and suitable for production.

  • Operations Plan

    Lead your team to success with our innovative digital and multimedia SOP’s that help you educate and train employees on industry best practices.

  • Product Development

    We connect our clients with some of the best chemists, extraction artists, and professional chefs so they can create high-quality and organic products.

  • Recruitment and Training

    You need to make sure you hire and retain the right kind of people to establish a culture of growth and sustainability. That’s why we lend our experience to our clients and help them identify team members who can align with their company’s core values.

An operator's approach

Adopting a high quality and organic approach to differentiation is the only way to succeed in this highly commoditized industry. The future of the cannabis industry is at stake, and we want to help. Instead of being overcome by unscrupulous organizations and corporate greed, our aim is to help organic and ethical brands prosper.

Take your cannabis business to the next level!

Our clients are thriving! Are you next?

We want to see young cannabis companies dominate the industry with ethically-produced, organic products.

Discover how Whole Grow helped the following brands gain market-share by lending it’s expertise in cultivation, extraction, and retail.

Verde Natural

Verde Natural

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Fusion Farms

Fusion Farms

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Ohio Lab

Ohio Lab

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